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From page 274...
... He was a senior scientist and manager of process and catalyst research at the Mobil Oil Corporation in Paulsboro, New Jersey. He was survived by daughters Anne Marie Breeze and Linda Lee Runyon, both of Phoenix, and Susan Lynn Knight of Las Vegas; seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
From page 275...
... His best-known research is on the structure and properties of systems of complex first-order kinetics, using eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the reaction matrix, which yielded several generations of very successful refinery models of catalytic cracking and catalytic reforming and is described in leading textbooks of kinetics in chemical engineering. He was promoted in 1967 to manager of Mobil's renowned Process Research and Development Division, but played the roles of both research investigator and manager, giving him control of many of the operations to transform petroleum
From page 276...
... program, a research consortium that included Ford Motor Company and other oil and automobile companies to develop catalytic converters to reduce automobile exhaust. The pellet bed catalytic converter was a familiar concept favored by General Motors, but the pellets tended to fracture into powder after shaking on the highway.
From page 277...
... The textbooks included A Survey of Modern Algebra by Garrett Birkhoff and Saunders MacLane, Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Paul A.M. Dirac, and Differential Equations: Geometric Theory by Solomon Lefschetz.
From page 278...
... Dwight is fondly remembered not only for his scientific contributions and industrial impact but also for the many lives he brightened.

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