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... was as project manager for the Mariner Mars Propulsion Subsystem, a technology used for midcourse correction, trajectory control, and maneuvering on NASA's Mariner 6 and 7 spacecraft. He then became project manager (1969–72)
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... From 1990 to 1999 he managed the TRW Propulsion and Combustion Center in Redondo Beach, California, and was responsible for the design, development, and testing of all new propulsion, combustion, and fluid systems products. In 1996–99 he led the TRW team responsible for the design, development, and flight qualification of the Chandra Integral Propulsion System, which successfully placed NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory -- the world's most powerful X-ray telescope -- into its final operational orbit in 1999.
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... In 2002 the AIAA Alabama/ Mississippi Section presented him with the Hermann Oberth Award, its most prestigious honor, for his outstanding scientific achievement in astronautics and space sciences. In 2003 he received the Marshall Center Director's Commendation for outstanding service; the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive Service, presented to top government executives for their contributions in leading vital federal programs; and the AIAA Holger Toftoy Award for outstanding technical leadership in space systems.
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... At NASA he served on the Shuttle Independent Assessment Team, commissioned to review Space Shuttle systems and maintenance practices, and on the Mars Climate Orbiter Mishap Investigation Board, established in 1999 to determine the cause or contributing factors resulting in the loss of the orbiter, launched in 1998 to serve as a weather satellite and provide a communications relay for the Mars Polar Lander. He also served on the Mars Polar Lander Mishap Board, which investigated the loss of the spacecraft during its attempted landing on the Red Planet in 1999, as well as the Post-Columbia Accident Chief Engineer's Team (2002)

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