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From page 80...
... David attended the University of Wisconsin– Madison, where he met his future wife, Barbara Bennett, and earned his BS, MS, and PhD in mechanical engineering. The boy who watched the assembly of tractors with his dad and brother eventually wrote his PhD dissertation on the use of abrasive machining in production engineering.
From page 81...
... In 1986, with fellow ME professor Masayoshi Tomizuka, he organized the JapanUSA Symposium on Flexible Manufacturing, which continues biannually. In the 1980s he continued to collaborate with his engineering colleagues on automating manufacturing processes, which led to the founding of Berkeley Engineering's Robotics, Automation, and Manufacturing Program (RAMP)
From page 82...
... He welcomed new ME professor Tarek Zohdi by inviting him out to dinner and later, on a road trip, took a detour to get onion rings from his favorite spot after Zohdi made an offhand remark about liking onion rings. Former student Amrita Srinivasan said, "He was very enthusiastic about everything -- very excited to start new projects, meet new people, just explore new ideas….

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